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Cutoms Brokerage Specializing in FTZ entries and in-bond shipments




When it comes to entries, FTZ entries are just different. Whether it is a consumption entry, a bonded movement from an FTZ, or some other post entry filing, PTSI is uniquely qualified to file for you. 

We understand what is required and what is not required, as well as timing requirements for necessary authorizations to keep merchandise moving, traceability processes, and how to handle supporting documentation.

Practical experience and understanding in FTZ operations




PTSI has a full suite of FTZ services, so our knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the niche world of FTZ entries.  Let us be your Customs Brokerage partner.

Commitment to service and compliance




PTSI began as an FTZ Managed Services firm providing consulting and zone administration services, but soon realized we could bring our signature commitment to service and compliance to help our clients navigate the complexities of FTZ brokerage as well.   This addition was a huge hit with our existing FTZ clients and is now one of our fastest growing division.

Brokerage Services Provided by PTSI:




  • Consumption Entries 
  • Data Entry 
  • Drawback Support
  • In-bond – Transportation Entries (QP)
  • In-bond – e-PTT
  • PGA filing
  • Post Summary Correction
  • Protests
  • Recon Entries
  • Ruling requests
  • Steel Import Licenses
  • Support for CBP Inquiries / Notifications