Foreign-trade zones (FTZs) offer users great opportunities to compete globally, to increase domestic resources and volumes, and to save money. However, operating under FTZ procedures requires a strong focus on compliance, accuracy in inventory control, and sound recordkeeping.


PTSI: Your Expert FTZ Administrator


PTSI is a leader in FTZ administration and consulting for zone operators of simple and complex manufacturing, duty deferred warehousing, consolidation and distribution operations. With over 100 years of combined experience, our customs consulting team members are deeply familiar with Foreign Trade Zone Regulations and Customs & Border Protection Compliance.


We’ve administered manufacturing and distribution of 49 zone projects in 23 states, representing more than $24 billion in zone status merchandise in 2015 alone.

Our Innovative Approach to FTZ Administration



Whether you have single or multiple sites, our centralized operations approach provides the following:

  • Performance of daily FTZ operator functions
  • Consistent, fully integrated management of your zone
  • Expertise in zone to zone transfers and FTZ feasibility
  • Streamlined inventory management control and FTZ software implementation
  • Import and customs entry process management

FTZ Benefits



  • Reduces paperwork through FTZ weekly entry procedures
  • Simplifies the chain of command through a central management group
  • Duty reduction, deferral for FTZ warehouse, manufacturing and modification sites
  • Cuts down operating expenses for those operating more than one FTZ site
  • Produces a higher level of customs compliance due to process standardization